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You have been given every conceivable opportunity…

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“You have been given every conceivable opportunity to put right conditions upon the surface of your world. You have been given every conceivable chance to so quicken your own vibrations that you will not be unduly affected by the overall pattern of terrestrial quickening. You have been given every possible, every imaginable opportunity, to be of outstanding, outstanding service to the rest of your less enlightened brothers. If you have not taken advantage of this opportunity, of this quickening, of this divine chance, then you, and only you, will have to answer to your own karma for missing such an opportunity.

“More than ever before is it vitally necessary that people of humanitarian belief come together to work as a team of Spiritual builders so that the violent expression of warped mind substance, sent by the majority to the Devic Kingdom may not be completely catastrophic. There is no excuse for ignorance of the law. There is no excuse for not moving into concerted action, especially for those who have been warned by higher authority of the coming conditions. If you disregard this, then you will have to bear the karma for this selfish disregard in either the present or the next life. If anything could be guaranteed upon the surface of Terra, it is that.

“If you regard this challenge like grown, fully developed adults and not malfunctioning idiots, but people who really believe in Spiritual action, if you take every available opportunity to send out power and energy, give service, love and so on, this too will be noted in your karma and bright indeed, very bright indeed will be your future lives. Terra, you are now being weighed in the karmic scales. It is up to you to either accept this challenge or ignore it. You must bear the consequences either for acceptance or for ignoring this challenge, this opportunity, this divine chance to do some great good for all men.”

The Master Aetherius

group prayer on Holy mountain

Pilgrims from many different faiths gather in prayer and ceremony for World Peace on Holy Mount Baldy, CA, during the World Peace Pilgrimage.


One thought on “You have been given every conceivable opportunity…

  1. How can such incredibly simple wisdom be so widely ignored? It baffles me, though I bet it baffles the Master Aetherius even more.


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