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2016 – in review


The Aetherius Society is dedicated to helping humanity evolve and to embrace a greater Cosmic reality. As we stop and look back over the past year we know that we still have a long way to go to reach our destination, but we can still feel a great sense of accomplishment for all that we have achieved together in 2016.

Below are some of the collective achievements attained by the American Jurisdiction of The Aetherius Society in 2016. (This does not include Prayer Services and Healing at our Branches in Michigan and New Zealand, and Groups of The Aetherius Society in North America.)

The Cosmic Missions (Note 1)

earth-from-space-1Operation Sunbeam
: 8 Phases

A combined total of 40,000 Prayer Hours of Cosmic energy were given directly to the Logos of the Mother Earth on behalf of humanity as a token repayment for all that She has sacrificed for mankind.

Missions boat on Lake PowellThe Saturn Mission: 2 Phases

Tremendous Cosmic energies were released over the Psychic Center of the Mother Earth at Lake Powell, Utah, for world peace and a stabilization of the natural “devic” forces. One side-effect of these two Phases is the saving of 180,000 lives from either death or severe mutilation caused by natural catastrophes.

serOperation Space Power: Over 2,600,000 Prayer Hours released (*)

Over 2,600,000 Prayer Hours of Cosmic energy were sent out through our Spiritual Energy Radiators in cooperation with Satellite No. 3 for the benefit of mankind (Note 2).

Operation Space Power II: Over 600,000 Prayer Hours released (*)

Over 600,000 Prayer Hours of Cosmic energy were sent out through our Spiritual Energy Radiators for world peace and freedom and environmental balance, as well as the following situations: peace and freedom in the Middle East; humanitarian aid in Syria; peace and stability in Nigeria; relief following the earthquakes in Taiwan, Sumatra, Ecuador, Italy, and Indonesia; relief from cyclones Winston and Zena in Fiji, and Amos in Samoa, super-typhoons Nepartak in Taiwan, and Meranti and Haima in the Philippines, typhoon Lionrock in North Korea, and hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean.

Operation Prayer Power: Approximately 18,500 Prayer Hours released (*)

This Spiritual energy is invoked in weekly charging sessions (in Los Angeles, CA, Royal Oak, MI and Auckland, New Zealand) and stored in Prayer Batteries. In 2016 almost 20,000 prayer hours of this Cosmic energy were sent out including 12,000 Prayer Hours sent to Satellite No. 3 to be manipulated and used by the Cosmic Masters for the benefit of the world.

In addition 5,500 Prayer Hours were sent to world crises including: earthquake relief in Taiwan, Ecuador, and Italy; typhoon Lionrock in North Korea; hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean, and peace and humanitarian aid in Syria.

We also released over 1,200 Prayer Hours in honor of the Mother Earth. (Note 3)

(*) These figures include releases also made from our Michigan and New Zealand Branches.

In addition to these releases of Cosmic energy, the following activities were also organized at our Temple in Hollywood:

12-blessings-prayer-circleChurch Services: 133

These include Divine Services, Twelve Blessings Services, Commemoration Services, and more. (Note 4)

img_5232-copySpiritual Healing treatments: over 320

Hands-on healing treatments administered in our Temple by trained volunteers to the public at no charge. This does not include more than 100 treatments given at outside venues. (Note 5)

20161119_110501Classes/workshops: 10

Spiritual development classes and Healing workshops held at the American Headquarters.


20140823_123309Pilgrimages to Mt. Baldy: 3

Pilgrims gather on Holy Mount Baldy to radiate the Cosmic energies contained within that mountain out to the world. This does not include individual pilgrimages to Mt. Baldy and other Holy mountains. (Note 6)

Operation Prayer Power Charging SessionOperation Prayer Power Charging Sessions: 52

Mantra and Prayer Teams charge the Spiritual Energy Battery in our Temple to be later released to Satellite No. 3 and for world crises. (See above.)



Thank You to everyone who participated in and supported these Spiritual activities in 2016.


  1. Current Cosmic Missions (Operation Sunbeam, The Saturn Mission, Operation Space Power & Operation Space Power II, Operation Prayer Power)
  2. Satellite No. 3 and the Spiritual Pushes
  3. Operation Prayer Power
  4. Weekly Services at the American Headquarters
  5. Spiritual Healing treatments
  6. Pilgrimages to Holy Mountains

6 thoughts on “2016 – in review

  1. Fantastic achievements! Well done all you wonderful people in The Aetherius Society.


    • Absolutely amazing and fantastic out of this world Cosmic Energies are saving our world and Mother Earth – congratulations to the FEW on Earth of The Aetherius Society who make it possible for the Cosmic Masters to make this happen….and the Members who attend Operation Prayer Power
      a powerful ecological tool for mankind and Mother Earth…I thank ALL from my heart for our
      continued existence as we are for we know not how it could have been…..if His Eminence Sir George
      KIng had not made this possible ………



      • Thank you, Margaret! Thank you for your very kind and sincere soulful expressions. And thank YOU for all the support you have been and continue to be to The Aetherius Society and the Cosmic Missions.


    • Truly fantastic. So fantastic, I believe, as to be beyond our complete appreciation and understanding. And thank you, Olav, for your wonderful remarkable service for The Aetherius Society in 2016!


  2. I see you are carrying on the one( meaning on “All That Is”), so we can become whole in our understanding. Thanks


    • Thank you, Tyrone. It certainly is not an easy task. But one we are determined to carrying out as long as we possibly can. And something we are not able to do without all the support and cooperation of all the volunteers and selfless spiritual workers. Blessings.


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