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2016 – in review

The Aetherius Society is dedicated to helping humanity evolve and to embrace a greater Cosmic reality. As we stop and look back over the past year we know that we still have a long way to go to reach our destination, but we can still feel a great sense of accomplishment for all that we have achieved together in 2016.

Below are some of the collective achievements attained by the American Jurisdiction of The Aetherius Society in 2016. (This does not include Prayer Services and Healing at our Branches in Michigan and New Zealand, and Groups of The Aetherius Society in North America.) Continue reading


The Lord’s Declaration

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This half hour lecture extract by Dr. George King describes some of the main points regarding a prophesy, given by a Lord of Karma, about the coming of the Next Master to Earth. How will this coming take place? How will the Master look like? When will this happen? These questions and more are answered in this very revealing and enlightening lecture extract.

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“You have been given every conceivable opportunity to put right conditions upon the surface of your world. You have been given every conceivable chance to so quicken your own vibrations that you will not be unduly affected by the overall pattern of terrestrial quickening. You have been given every possible, every imaginable opportunity, to be of outstanding, outstanding service to the rest of your less enlightened brothers. If you have not taken advantage of this opportunity, of this quickening, of this divine chance, then you, and only you, will have to answer to your own karma for missing such an opportunity. Continue reading

Why Dr. George King was chosen for the Transmissions

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In the next video clip from the 1987 California Symposium on UFOs, the question is asked of Dr. King as to why he was chosen to receive the hundreds of channeled Transmissions delivered by the Cosmic Masters. A very straightforward and concise answer to a very serious and important question.

Video clip 1 – Masters from other planets

Masters from other Planets

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We have prepared a series of brief video clips from the California Symposium on UFOs which took place in 1987. In these video clips, which will be released over the following weeks, Dr. George King answers questions from the audience.

The first video clip is in regards to a question about the Sanat Kumara, a Lord of Venus that came to Earth to oversee the incarnation of the human race onto this Planet, as well as the subject of the identity of Masters from other Planets living on this Earth. Dr. George King answers the audience’s questions with an authority and humility coming from a set of experiences unknown to us, yet in way we can all logically and intuitively understand.

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Blessed is the Mother Earth

In 1958 the Master Jesus, through the yogic mediumship of Dr. George King, gave a profound and powerful Blessing to the Mother Earth.

One of the sobering facts that the Master Jesus revealed to the world was that the Mother Earth had held up Her rightfully due Initiation for millions of years in order to allow the human race to gain experience and evolve upon Her back. Continue reading


“There is not a problem upon your world that cannot be solved by Love – Itself – in its purity.

“There is not a problem upon your world that cannot be solved by Power, tempered by Love – in its purity.

“There is not a heart upon your world, no matter how fierce it beats, which cannot be softened by Love – in its purity.

“There is not a brain upon your world, no matter how clever or stupid it may appear that cannot be educated in Wisdom by Love and Power – in their purity.”

The Cosmic Master Jesus

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“In the New World you need not plan for a better economic system, for economy, as you know it, will not exist. It is a cancer in the heart of spiritual man. In the New World you need not listen to this, or that, who make great political promise to you, for politics, as such, will not exist. In the New World you will need have no fear of horror weapons hung over your heads like the terrible sword of a vicious Damocles, for these weapons will be destroyed. In the New World you need not plan how to break down your custom barriers, for there will be no countries. There will be inhabited land and sea—that is all. Continue reading

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The Adepts Who Fought In Hell For Us

By Rev. Lesley Young, Priest in The Aetherius Churches

A few days ago, on February 24th, Members of The Aetherius Society came together to remember one of the greatest and most significant events in the history of our world – the End of Operation Karmalight – on this day in 1969. This stupendous Victory was won on behalf of humanity by our Cosmic Saviors, The Six Adepts, against the might of evil led by the ancient intelligence known throughout the centuries as ‘satan’. Continue reading

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Never Forget: Thoughts Are Things

Last week our Metaphysical Study Circle here at the Headquarters studied the topic of Imagination and listened to audio extracts from Dr. King’s lecture “Imagination – Your Only Creative Faculty“. It led to a really great group discussion and lots of insights were gained. We could have continued for another hour easily!

Here is one of the extracts that we listened to and studied where Dr. King describes some of the most important metaphysical aspects on the path of spiritual evolution that deal specifically with imagination and visualization.