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The Lord’s Declaration

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This half hour lecture extract by Dr. George King describes some of the main points regarding a prophesy, given by a Lord of Karma, about the coming of the Next Master to Earth. How will this coming take place? How will the Master look like? When will this happen? These questions and more are answered in this very revealing and enlightening lecture extract.


Why Dr. George King was chosen for the Transmissions

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In the next video clip from the 1987 California Symposium on UFOs, the question is asked of Dr. King as to why he was chosen to receive the hundreds of channeled Transmissions delivered by the Cosmic Masters. A very straightforward and concise answer to a very serious and important question.

Video clip 1 – Masters from other planets

Masters from other Planets

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We have prepared a series of brief video clips from the California Symposium on UFOs which took place in 1987. In these video clips, which will be released over the following weeks, Dr. George King answers questions from the audience.

The first video clip is in regards to a question about the Sanat Kumara, a Lord of Venus that came to Earth to oversee the incarnation of the human race onto this Planet, as well as the subject of the identity of Masters from other Planets living on this Earth. Dr. George King answers the audience’s questions with an authority and humility coming from a set of experiences unknown to us, yet in way we can all logically and intuitively understand.

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Blessed is the Mother Earth

In 1958 the Master Jesus, through the yogic mediumship of Dr. George King, gave a profound and powerful Blessing to the Mother Earth.

One of the sobering facts that the Master Jesus revealed to the world was that the Mother Earth had held up Her rightfully due Initiation for millions of years in order to allow the human race to gain experience and evolve upon Her back. Continue reading

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The Adepts Who Fought In Hell For Us

By Rev. Lesley Young, Priest in The Aetherius Churches

A few days ago, on February 24th, Members of The Aetherius Society came together to remember one of the greatest and most significant events in the history of our world – the End of Operation Karmalight – on this day in 1969. This stupendous Victory was won on behalf of humanity by our Cosmic Saviors, The Six Adepts, against the might of evil led by the ancient intelligence known throughout the centuries as ‘satan’. Continue reading


Art imitates life

There is an old saying, and a good one, that Truth is stranger than fiction. After all, how can the limited uses of our brain ever possibly conceive of the unlimited magnificence of Creation? They cannot; and even as we learn more about the Cosmos – both its inconceivable vastness and its infinitesimal detail – we are ever more amazed and awed.

And in coming to terms with this concept, perhaps the most sublime of all realizations is that there is nothing indivisible from the Whole. This is the ethos behind all great spiritual truths. We are all inter-connected. Nothing can happen without it having an effect elsewhere. Continue reading

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Reflecting on the Greatest Event in our History

On July 8th, 1964, some of the greatest Masters within this Solar System cooperated together in sending colossal spiritual energies to the Logos of Earth as an essential manipulation prior to the dawning of the New World. This event, known as “The Primary Initiation of Earth”, was the most significant in a series of similar manipulations that had taken place in the preceding years. These operations were fully reported as they were taking place, move by move, through Dr. George King — Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel and founder of The Aetherius Society — while he adopted a deep, yogic Samadhic trance.

Throughout this day, each year, The Aetherius Society holds services of appreciation in honor of this greatest event in the history of Earth. Below is a personal reflection by Member-Initiate, Simon Fox, of the celebrations held this year. Continue reading


From World Crisis to Spiritual Transformation

Reading between the lines of all the billions of words spoken and tweeted around the world these days is an unspoken murmur: Our world is in crisis.

We just feel it, we sense it; it seems as though we’re all clinging on while this hectic, helter-skelter madness whirls all around us, spinning more and more out of control without anyone or anything able to stop it. It’s not a matter of “if” it all falls apart but “when”, and here opinions differ.

So what’s holding it up? What’s preventing this overall global melt-down? What, if anything, is slowing it up? Continue reading


Remembering the Cosmic Master of Love

On March 15, The Aetherius Society worldwide celebrates the true birthdate of a great Venusian Master who came to Earth. One who came in grace to teach us, to uplift us, to heal us, and most importantly – to save us.

About 2000 years ago a catastrophe was due as a result of the negative karmic pattern of humanity. We had strayed from Truth, Light and Love. We had forgotten our true Divinity and were acting in ignorance and selfishness against each other. This negative karma had to be balanced. Out of a profound Cosmic compassion, the Master Jesus incarnated upon Earth and manipulated our karma through His premeditated death and ascension. Continue reading


The Transmutation of satan

“Great forces are about to clash. Stupendous forces of darkness are preparing to bring about conditions on the surface of this world too horrible to contemplate. On the other hand, other forces have dedicated themselves to your protection. Very shortly these forces must clash in mortal combat and the prize of this combat is all humanoid life upon Earth.”

This statement was made by Saint Goo-Ling, an Ascended Master of The Great White Brotherhood on September 23rd, 1967. He was referring to a great battle that was about to commence between a few Cosmic Adepts and the evil entity known throughout history as “satan” – a battle which has also been known and foretold throughout history as “Armageddon”. This Mission, known as Operation Karmalight, began on October 26th, 1967 and ended successfully on February 24th, 1969. It raged over a period of 16 months ending in the transmutation of satan. Continue reading