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The Transmutation of satan

“Great forces are about to clash. Stupendous forces of darkness are preparing to bring about conditions on the surface of this world too horrible to contemplate. On the other hand, other forces have dedicated themselves to your protection. Very shortly these forces must clash in mortal combat and the prize of this combat is all humanoid life upon Earth.”

This statement was made by Saint Goo-Ling, an Ascended Master of The Great White Brotherhood on September 23rd, 1967. He was referring to a great battle that was about to commence between a few Cosmic Adepts and the evil entity known throughout history as “satan” – a battle which has also been known and foretold throughout history as “Armageddon”. This Mission, known as Operation Karmalight, began on October 26th, 1967 and ended successfully on February 24th, 1969. It raged over a period of 16 months ending in the transmutation of satan. Continue reading

The Adepts


A Victory for the Forces of Light

The first major event commemorated each year in the ecclesiastical calendar of The Aetherius Society is the anniversary of “The End of The Alien Mission”. (“The Eviction of the Alien”, an event which took place on Oct. 26th, 1965 preceding the actual end of this Mission, is now second most important Commemoration in our Calendar). The success of this Mission had a direct impact on all life on Earth in ways which can seem almost unimaginable or unbelievable, and yet which are very real.

Not all life in the Cosmos is benevolent, and it is just as important to learn about the battles between the Forces of Light and the forces of darkness as it is to learn about kundalini and the chakras – if not even more so. Without the success of the Forces of Light in The Alien Mission we would have been greatly set back in our evolutionary journey.

It is occult knowledge such as this which makes The Aetherius Society such a unique organization, and its profound significance is why we have commemorated this event every year since it took place on January 22nd, 1966 – 49 years ago.

The Alien Mission

A non-human alien intelligence, fabricated by entities outside of this Galaxy, was discovered by Cosmic Adepts in the lower astral realms of Earth in 1965. This alien “android” was programmed to take control over all life on the physical and subtle realms of Earth and had the power to do so.  Continue reading

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An Instrument of God

Dr. George KingJanuary 23rd is the anniversary of the birth of a man who came to this world 95 years ago to be used as an Instrument of God.
A man whose human body and consciousness was only a fraction of who he really was.
A man who lived like any one of us, and yet attained Freedom through Yoga.
A man who, through this Freedom, served as a channel so that the Masters could give Their vital message to humanity.
A man who sacrificed everything so that we can be given the opportunity to continue our evolution on Earth as She goes through Her Great Change.
A man who had nothing but unconditional surrender to God.
A man who flooded the ethers with the light of his wisdom, love and power.
A man who inspired and made possible mass cooperation with the Cosmic Masters.
A man who manipulated world karma for our salvation and enlightenment.
A man who suffered deeply on our behalf.

A man who went by the name of – George King.

We dedicate this post to honor and highlight some of the legacy that the Master George King left to this Earth.
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Rising with the Mother Earth

New WorldThe Primary Initiation of the Mother Earth took place on July 8th, 1964. Since that date all life on Her back has been quickening, and will continue to quicken until She rises to a new level of vibration in the Cosmos. All the changes that we are experiencing in the world today are a direct result of this quickening, this rising in vibration of the Mother Earth. This is why the Cosmic Masters are here. This is why the Ascended Masters are so active at this time. This is why The Aetherius Society is in existence – to help raise up as many people as possible in this ascension of the Mother Earth into Her New Age.

Become a Builder of the New Age

A glorious New Age of peace and enlightenment on Earth is very hard to imagine happening any time soon due to the chaos we see all around us. However, let us consider what the Master Aetherius had to say in 1963 about this transitional period: Continue reading

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Fukushima Crisis Update

Fukushima nuclear plantYou may have read a lot recently about the Fukushima nuclear reactor crisis. It is very real. It is far reaching both geographically, and into the future. We have been warned by the Cosmic Masters against the use of nuclear technology because of its grave dangers both from its by-products and misuse. It not only effects the realm we live on, but all the other realms of Earth.

However, there is much we can do to alleviate the negative effects of this disastrous happening in Fukushima, as well as to prevent any further damage to all the realms of Earth. Spiritual Energy is the solution to our crisis. In fact, to all world crises. One way The Aetherius Society has taken positive action toward the Fukushima nuclear disaster is through the radiation of Spiritual energy to the Fukushima area – to help alleviate the pain and suffering of those already affected, to aid the workers helping in the clean-up efforts, and to inspire the decision makers to bring about a positive solution. We cannot “fix” people or change their minds; but we can send them streams of Love, Light and inspiration in its many forms.

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