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Never Forget: Thoughts Are Things

Last week our Metaphysical Study Circle here at the Headquarters studied the topic of Imagination and listened to audio extracts from Dr. King’s lecture “Imagination – Your Only Creative Faculty“. It led to a really great group discussion and lots of insights were gained. We could have continued for another hour easily!

Here is one of the extracts that we listened to and studied where Dr. King describes some of the most important metaphysical aspects on the path of spiritual evolution that deal specifically with imagination and visualization.




Transmute jealousy

“There is only one way to overcome an evil, or a weakness, in our psychological make up… and that is to change it into something positive, something creative, something dynamic…”

In the following short address extract, Dr. George King talks about one of the weaknesses and pitfalls we all encounter on the Spiritual path – jealousy. It is a mental disease that affects us all at some point or another.

Jealousy is a negative energy that can lead to destructive outcomes; or it can be transmuted into something positive and lead to great, creative, Spiritual heights.

In order to transmute this negative energy it is essential that we first recognize it, however subtle it manifests in our own life.

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break bondage

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Freedom From Fear

Fear is increasing its grip on more and more of the human race. It is an insidious tool of the dark forces. Therefore, it is essential that we all break away from this vicious bondage and manifest our Divine selves. We all have the ability to do this, and we should do this.

It is BRAVERY that will free us from this enslavement and lead us towards our true Divinity. As Mars Sector 6 states in The Nine Freedoms:

“Bravery is essential in all things. For while the aspirant allows the negative accumulation of fear to discolor his outlook, he cannot ever truly aspire to freedom.”

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The Initiation of Ascension

We’re all on this journey together.

This journey through experience – through evolution – has the same destiny for us all upon Mother Earth: ASCENSION. We are here to raise and control Kundalini, and to Ascend. All of our lives on Earth are leading up to this glorious Initiation.

But what exactly is Ascension? And how do we achieve this?

In celebration of Easter, the glorious demonstration of Ascension by the Master Jesus, we would like to share with you a 13 min. audio extract by Dr. George King from his lecture on The Sixth Freedom – Ascension, a Transmission delivered by Mars Sector 6, where he sheds light on these questions.


Further Study

The Sixth Freedom – Ascension (from “The Nine Freedoms” website)

The Nine Freedoms (book)

The Nine Freedoms Transmissions (on CD)

The Nine Freedoms Lectures (on CD)

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Psychic Protection

In Truth, we are nothing but God.

Our purpose here on Earth is to realize this and manifest it. But one look around, one look onto the city streets, one look at the news and we can easily see that there are a lot of negative influences on our world deterring our advancement.

The Cosmic Masters referred to this overall “evil scheme” as materialism. It is the main weapon of the dark forces, and behind it are ignorance and fear. However, we can all protect ourselves from these interfering psychic influences which can manifest physically. And beware! – these forces can also come from our very own lower selves.

Spiritual warriorBelow you’ll find 3 practical ways to protect yourself from these psychic interferences. These practices will greatly help you to progress on your path of Spiritual evolution. You will also be helping the world to rise out of its darkness and into God-realization.
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Controlling Kundalini

“The main reason why you are on Earth is to learn to control the mighty Powers of Kundalini within you.”

– Dr. George King

All the religions, all the yogas, all the various spiritual paths boil down to this one basic metaphysical fact. We are here to learn to control our bodies, our minds and all of matter. This is what leads to our spiritual evolution – the control over the forces and finer forces, the controlling of the powers of Kundalini. By gaining this control, we gain a greater state of consciousness, a higher level of vibration, and in turn help to raise all those around us. And by helping to raise those around us, we raise our vibrations and gain greater control over our powers.
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