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“You have been given every conceivable opportunity to put right conditions upon the surface of your world. You have been given every conceivable chance to so quicken your own vibrations that you will not be unduly affected by the overall pattern of terrestrial quickening. You have been given every possible, every imaginable opportunity, to be of outstanding, outstanding service to the rest of your less enlightened brothers. If you have not taken advantage of this opportunity, of this quickening, of this divine chance, then you, and only you, will have to answer to your own karma for missing such an opportunity. Continue reading



“There is not a problem upon your world that cannot be solved by Love – Itself – in its purity.

“There is not a problem upon your world that cannot be solved by Power, tempered by Love – in its purity.

“There is not a heart upon your world, no matter how fierce it beats, which cannot be softened by Love – in its purity.

“There is not a brain upon your world, no matter how clever or stupid it may appear that cannot be educated in Wisdom by Love and Power – in their purity.”

The Cosmic Master Jesus

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“In the New World you need not plan for a better economic system, for economy, as you know it, will not exist. It is a cancer in the heart of spiritual man. In the New World you need not listen to this, or that, who make great political promise to you, for politics, as such, will not exist. In the New World you will need have no fear of horror weapons hung over your heads like the terrible sword of a vicious Damocles, for these weapons will be destroyed. In the New World you need not plan how to break down your custom barriers, for there will be no countries. There will be inhabited land and sea—that is all. Continue reading

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“Procrastination is soul death. Rise and live! Learn and build! Practice and evolve into more useful humans! You will never build any age, never mind the next one, by enjoying your basic amusements but by careful preparation of yourselves so that you can be of great use.

“Remember, you are Spirit. Remember that as Spirit you control soul, which in turn controls a very compact computer mechanism called the brain, which is given physical energy by another very carefully created machine called the body. But still remember, you are Spirit. You control all facets of this. If the body machine becomes lazy and gross, the soul is to blame for its bad management. Continue reading

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“With the deterioration of the political situation upon the surface of Terra, it is more essential than ever that lines of cooperation and coordination be brought into being between all terrestrial bodies who are interested and who will work for peace…

“In the Name of God, rally those who worship God. Sink petty differences. Destroy foolish personal opinion. Burn up personal like, dislike and preference in the fire of coordinated action.”

Mars Sector 6, Cooperation and Coordination, Nov. 10, 1956

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“As you know the female of the species is regarded magnetically as the negative pole. She is absolutely and completely essential in every way to the Great Scheme of the Divine Creator. She is not considered to be inferior in any way. She is now in the position which gives her certain strategic advantages over the male…

“The female is virtually the mother of the Planet… The world upon which you reside is a female Entity. There may come a time – it should have come before now – when all the positions of authority will be filled by female entities. This is part of the scheme of things for Terra. The very fact that you females reside upon a female Planet, must help you… You are, in the eyes of the Great Ones, the preservers of balance.”

Mars Sector 6, Appeal To The Women, 1958

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“Be good, be tolerant, be kind, be merciful, be gentle, be humble and you will be great. Then you will be helping the Sacred Ones Whose Names may not be mentioned – even in closed session.

“Bless your brothers. Bless the Logos of your Earth. Bless the Mighty Solar Logos and then Bless the Supreme Lords of Karma and you will discover a satisfaction beyond all words.”

The Master Jesus, from The Twelve Blessings, September 21st, 1958

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“Cooperate, oh brothers of Earth, with the Law of Evolution and rise to that Heaven which is within you. You can do this through service to others. If ever there was an inhabited Planet which needed the slogan ‘Service to Others,’ that Planet is Terra! Take this deep into your hearts, find Wisdom there, then come ye outwards in sacrifice, so that you may then be able to lead your brother to the mountain top of his evolutionary experience.”

Mars Sector 6, August 19th, 1959

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“Band together, oh workers, so that when you will be assailed, as you will, you may collectively protect yourself with the great ALL Transmuting Violet Flame which cometh from the Heart of the Logos of Terra. Stand together, oh workers. Raise with courage your torches and go ye forward into the great battle. The battle for the existence of a Planet. The battle for the Transmutation of that which is evil upon it. The battle for the bright future of mankind…

“I declare this also that if ye rise as men, as bound together by the Light of Wisdom and not politics, you can Transmute this evil and so pass on to your next stage of Initiation. If you fail you go back until, again on some other Planet besides Terra, some lower Planet, you are faced once more with the problems now confronting you. Prepare ye, oh workers to make your choice. Choose Transmutation or Karmic mutation. Choose well. ACT, in the name of Cosmic Justice and Transmutation becomes your true reward!”

Mars Sector 6, Cosmic Voice Issue No. 25

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“Blessed is the Solar Logos, for upon this you and I depend for that vital Energy which doth take us through valuable experience.

“Blessed is this One, for It shineth always in complete sacrifice upon the behalf of ye – and Me – and all of us who dwell within Its House.

“Send out your Love to This. Send out your Power to This.”

– Master Jesus, The Eighth Blessing